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Salman Khan Announces No Eviction on Weekend Ka Vaar

After being reprimanded for their weak play, the contestants are all fired up for one more chance to prove themselves. Amidst all the unnerving chaos, Salman Khan surprises the contestants with unexpected guests. The Mumbai Indian players connect with them play fun games with Salman Khan and the contestants in order to boost their spirits and motivate them to play a more promising game ahead.

Adding to the extravaganza and entertainment on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, there’s another surprise! Sarabjit aka Avinesh Rekho and Meher aka Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia from Choti Sarrdarrni enter the house for a fun segment with the Seniors and the Freshers. The Seniors give their chosen Freshers with interesting phrases and adjectives, in order to sell them as the best product in the Bigg Boss house, and Meher and Sarabjit pose as the buyers. The fun and quirky element of the task leaves everyone in splits. However, later, tension builds up, as the seniors present the freshers’ report card, leaving some of them visibly upset and disturbed on the scoring and remarks.

In a task, Hina, Sidharth and Gauahar were asked to label contestants based on impressions during the first seven days. The three seniors were asked to put up images of BB freshers against titles such as who is ‘over calculative and over planned’, who is ‘fake’, who is ‘perfect for Bigg Boss’, who is ‘disappointment in Bigg Boss’ amongst other categories. Seniors were unanimous in naming the real-life jodi of Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla as ‘disappointment’ in this season.

During the episode run, Salman also hilariously touched upon the question of his marriage and seniors Sidharth Shukla and Hina Khan too became part of the conversation. Salman jokes about Sidharth’s marriage and said his ‘dates have been announced’. It later became clear that Sidharth is getting married on Balika Vadhu, his hit daily soap, which is having a re-run on TV currently.

Hina expresses her disappointment over this and said that they would have made merry if such news were true. Salman interjected and said, “Why don’t you get married?” To this Hina quipped, “Not now. First you get married,” while referring to Salman.

Also, contestants were asked to access their own performance and the housemates have to rate themselves under different categories on the scale of excellent, good, average below average, and poor, which eventually irks Salman Khan. During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Sunday, Salman tested the housemates even further. Giving them another chance, he announced that this week there will be no eliminations.

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