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Hard to Celebrate Delhi Crime’s Emmy Nod Due to Hathras Rape Victim’s Death, Says Rasika Dugal

Amid Delhi Crime’s nomination at the International Emmy Awards and Mirzapur 2 trailer getting a thumping response from all quarters, Rasika Dugal is having a moment.

She is an avowed perfectionist and ambitious, but mostly about growing as an actor. “Some people are suited to doing multi-tasking but I think my personality is more of a single-task person who gets involved in the detail of every task that they are assigned,” says Rasika.

“It’s hard for me to move on to another one quickly. It’s definitely difficult for me to manage two-three things simultaneously. But given the schedule, I have had for the past one-and-a-half years, I had to do that a lot. I think I’m still learning and finding my comfort with it. But I’m constantly nervous that I hope the quality of what I’m doing doesn’t suffer because there’s so much happening. There’s so much content happening that it’s very difficult to say no,” the actress adds.

As an actor, Rasika Dugal has always been daring. But her most interesting role to date may well be her turn as a brave, uncorrupted police officer on the Netflix series Delhi Crime, based on the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case. Delhi Crime has been nominated at the 2020 International Emmy Awards in the best drama series category alongside Germany’s Charite season two, UK’s Criminal, and the second season of El Jardin de Bronce (The Bronze Garden) from Argentina.

However, the actress says it’s hard for her to celebrate the prestigious recognition while referring to the alleged gang-rape and murder case in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras.

She says, “While it’s an honour, it’s so hard to be celebratory about something like this, especially in the times we are living in. The news of the nomination came particularly a few days before the news of the death of Hathras rape victim. It’s very difficult to see any celebration around this.”

From Made in Heaven to Delhi Crime and A Suitable Boy, Rasika has worked in many critically acclaimed projects in the last two years. She says that all the praise that has come her way lately has made her “confident” as an actor, but she also feels that it raises the bar on expectations.

“It also makes me very nervous because I feel I have a standard that I have to live up to which earlier was not the case. I try not to get pressured by thinking that but we are actors and we get nervous about so many things. But that nervousness also keeps you on your toes and vigilante about maintaining a certain quality towards your work,” she adds.

The actress is now gearing up for the release of the second season of Mirzapur and she is super excited about it.

“Usually, I do a piece of work and forget about it. I don’t preoccupy myself with what’s going to happen because it’s not in my control. I reserve my worries and excitement for the shoot days and once the shoot is over I feel like it’s done now. But I think the excitement of the very loyal Mirzapur fanbase has rubbed off on me. Their constant questions about when the new season is going to be out and their enthusiasm has made me very excited,” says Rasika, who also recently ventured into audio entertainment with her maiden audio show Uncovidable.

The audio show follows the story of a plucky woman who is stopped mid-life and told to stay put for 21 days in a nationwide lockdown as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Uncovidable is streaming on Audible Suno.

Talking about coming on board the show, Rasika says, “It was really exciting because it happened during the lockdown. There wasn’t much work besides household chores and I was a little overwhelmed by the house work and needed a break to occupy my mind creatively. So, this seemed to be the perfect thing.”

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