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Photo Editing App Darkroom Now Available for Mac Computers With MacOS Big Sur

Darkroom, one of the most popular photo editing app for iPhone and iPad users and is now available for Mac computers running on MacOS Big Sur, the company announced in a blog post. The new Darkroom desktop app is a universal app with support for the new Apple M1-powered Mac computers as well as Intel-powered Mac computers, Darkroom said in the blog post. The company said that the new Mac app for Darkroom expands the workflow by adding the ability to edit apps at home on a Mac, apart from editing photos on-the-go on the iPhone or iPad app.

In a blog post, Darkroom co-founder Majd Taby said that the new Mac app has been updated to reflect the new MacOS Big Sur aesthetic like the new translucent sidebar and native window toolbars. Taby said that the app has been optimised for all interactions for mouse, trackpad, and keyboard input, “sparing no details in making Darkroom feel at home on the Mac.” Taby also went on to explain how Darkroom’s approach to photo editing can bridge the gap for photographers on Mac computers. “Many photo editing apps on the Mac are from a bygone era where images live in folders on file systems and require a manual to use. Adobe calls this version of Lightroom “Classic”. Mobile photographers however have libraries that live in the Cloud and need fast, efficient, and safe access to their photos. Darkroom on the Mac bridges the power of classic photo editing applications, with the ease-of-use and convenience of iCloud Photo Library,” Tany said.

The Darkroom app is available to download on the Mac app store starting today itself. The company said that those subscribed to Darkroom+ will get all the features on Mac at no extra cost, and new subscribers will get access to everything on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

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