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OnePlus Shortlists 7 Crowdsourced Features That Will Come to OxygenOS as Part of IDEAS 2.0 Program

OnePlus is updating its OxygenOS with a host of new features that the company has crowdsourced from users through its IDEAS 2.0 program. Out of the total suggestions OnePlus has received, the company has selected seven ideas that will be brought to future OxygenOS builds. The list of features selected by OnePlus include a frame-per-second (FPS) counter, separate volume controls for media content and notifications, lock screen customisations, wireless file transfer between PC and OnePlus phones, and the ability to keep some reserve battery.

The Chinese manufacturer said that is had received more than 7,300 suggestions from over 5,400 active community members in three distinct rounds of IDEAS 2.0 that was started in September and ended on November 16. Among all the suggestions, the FPS counter was high up the users’ wish list, specifically gamers. This feature will allow users to look at the frame rate at which a game is running on their OnePlus smartphone. The company said that it is working on the FPS counter since a while and will be ready in a future system update. Another feature that users have asked OnePlus to bring is separate volume controls for each app, a feature similar to the one seen on Samsung’s One UI. This feature, OnePlus said is planned for next year. In the meantime, the company noted that it would separate volume controls for media and notifications.

Further, the company also said it would bring lockscreen customisations. That feautre, however, will take a while to be implemented. “We’ve been working on the possibility of customising components like AOD and the lockscreen. As this is an integral part of the whole OS plan, it takes longer to get it implemented,” OnePlus said in its community forums page. For wireless transfer between OnePlus phones and PCs, OnePlus said that it has been working on solution to improve the user experience of file transfer between OnePlus smartphones and PCs.

OnePlus also said that a Power Diet feature is in the works, that will allow users to keep some battery in reserve. This faeture will allow users some extra juice in a situation where charging is not possible. OnePlus has also decided to optimise dark mode for better battery life, and the company is planning on bringing a partial screenshot feature on OxygenOS.

OnePlus said that its IDEAS 2.0 programme generated intense discussions among the community, getting over 12k likes and 8.8k comments on suggested ideas. The programme came to an end on November 16. OnePlus has not given a timeline on when these features will be implemented, but are expected to come some time during next year.

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