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Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S Consoles Clock Record Sales Within First 24 Hours Of Going On Sale

The next-generation gaming console battle between Microsoft Xbox Series S/ Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 has officially begun. Although we are yet to hear more from Sony as the global launch of the PS5 will take place on November 19, Microsoft now claims that the company has sold more Xbox Series X and Series S on its launch day (November 10) than any previous Xbox consoles. Though the exact number remains unclear, Microsoft says that the Xbox Series S added the highest percentage of new players for any Xbox console at launch.

The development was shared by both Microsoft in a blog post and Xbox head Phil Spencer. In a tweet, Spencer thanked the community for the “the largest launch in Xbox history”, adding that within 24 hours “more new consoles were sold, in more countries, than ever before.” On the other hand, Microsoft claims that a total of 3,594 titles spanning four generations were played on the new Xbox consoles at launch. “None of this would be possible without great games to play, we also want to thank our development partners around the world and congratulate them on their own respective launches this week, including delivering more than 40 new and optimised games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Dirt 5, The Falconeer, Tetris Effect: Connected, Watch Dogs: Legion and Yakuza: Like a Dragon to players on day one, 30 of which support Smart Delivery,” it added.

Notably, the boost in sales of Xbox Series X and Series S in the first 24-hours could be credited to the consoles’ availability in at least 40 countries, that is three times more than the initial rollout of the Xbox One in 2013. According to IANS, the company since 2015 stopped divulging information about individual sales, as part of what Spencer identifies as a general strategy to focus on player numbers rather than units shipped. Additionally, Microsoft says that the company is “working tirelessly” with partners around the world to bring new consoles sooner.

Currently, the Xbox Series X price in India is set at Rs 49,990, while the Xbox Series S comes with a price tag of Rs 34,990. The Series X is capable of supporting 120FPS gameplay in 4K resolution, whereas, the Series S offers only up to 1440p resolution gameplay, with up to 120FPS frame rate. Meanwhile, Sony PlayStation 5 sale has commenced in select countries like Japan and the US. The company recently announced that the PS5 does not have an official launch date for India.

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