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iPhone 12 mini Users Facing Unresponsive Lock Screen Issue, Apple Yet to Address Problem

Early users of the newly launched iPhone 12 mini are reporting lock screen sensitivity issues since receiving their smartphone unit. As per reports available on Reddit, Macrumors forum, and Apple forum, many users are claiming that a bug is preventing them from accessing the camera or flashlight tabs at the bottom of the lock screen. In some cases, users are also unable to enter the passcode on the lock screen while others claim that the whole lock screen is unresponsive. At the moment, the cause of the problem remains unclear, and an official statement from Apple is expected as well. The iPhone 12 mini that debuted last month went on sale last week.

It is also unclear whether users in India are facing touchscreen-related issues with the iPhone 12 mini’s lock screen. However, it appears to be a software-related issue rather than hardware problem as users who managed to unlock the smartphone did not face any touchscreen-related errors afterwards. A significant amount of users on these forums state that the lock screen stops registering touch inputs especially when the iPhone 12 mini is inside the case and or has a screen protector on top. “When I took the case off the screen was responding exactly as it should so I figured it was an issue with the case. However, my sister had also gotten her iPhone 12 mini today, and we tested the MagSafe case on her phone, but hers didn’t exhibit the same problem,” a post with over 279 votes on Apple forum read.

Meanwhile, some users on Reddit have also provided possible workarounds that include not putting a screen protector or a case. Additionally, there are a few who are claiming that the iPhone 12 mini lock screen touch issue resolves itself when plugged into a wall charger. A user on Reddit who goes by the username ‘routinnox’ says that if backtap in Accessibility to launch Home is enabled, the issue seems to get a temporary fix. As mentioned, Apple is yet to address the issue with the lock screen.

Currently, the iPhone 12 mini price in India starts at Rs 69,900 for the base 64GB model while the 128GB model costs Rs 74,900. Its 256GB variant comes with a price tag of Rs 84,900. The phones are available to purchase Apple India website.

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