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Amazon app quiz November 20, 2020: Get answer to these five questions to win mCaffiner gift pack

As part of today’s app quiz, Amazon is giving its participants a chance to win mCaffine gift pack for free. Daily quiz on Amazon starts at 8am and runs through 12pm. The quiz comprises five different questions that must be answered correctly to become eligible for the prize.
For those unaware, Amazon’s daily quiz is an app only quiz which is available only on the mobile app. Questions of the quiz are based on general knowledge and current affairs. There is one winner of the quiz whose name is announced later in the day. Name of the winner is chosen via lucky draw.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz that will help you win mCaffiner gift pack for free.

  1. What asteroid named for the Greek goddess of the soul do astronomers believe may contain over $10,000 quadrillion worth of metals?
    16 Psyche
  2. The Sardar Patel Zoological Park is one of the latest tourist attractions in which state?
  3. In ESG funds, if E stands for Environment, S stands for Social, what does G stand for?
  4. A franchise from Mumbai city recently won its ______ Indian Premier League title. Fill in the blanks
  5. This fort is located in which Indian city, also known for landmarks such as the Jai Vilas Palace?

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